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Guidelines for Abstract-Submission

Submission, Deadline

  • Abstracts for Poster presentation or Oral presentations have to be submitted exclusively online.
  • During abstract submission a preference for oral or poster presentation can be given.
  • Deadline for application is 11 June 2018 23:59:00 CEST.
  • Alterations and corrections may be executed previous to the deadline.

Topic, Language

  • Each contribution must relate to one of the given topics.
  • Abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.

Size, Content

  • The abstract is limited to 3,000 characters incl. spaces and 2 graphics (400 characters deduction).
  • The title should be short and significant. The text has to be orthographically suitable for publishing.
  • The usage of special formatting should be limited. The correct replication in all media cannot be guaranteed.
  • It is not allowed to submit an abstract several times to different subjects of the congress.
  • The number of papers submitted by the same author is limited to 10.

Conditions, Requirements

  • The presenter is responsible for the compliance with data protection, copyrights, ethic regulations and laws on animal protection.
  • To assure the anonymous review it is not allowed to mention any names or locations in the paper.
  • Authors’ fees or royalties cannot be claimed.
  • All listed authors have to consent to the abstract text as well as to their publication in all congress media.
  • Conflicts of interest of any kind have to be disclosed.

Review, Registration

  • All submitted abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by several experts.
  • E-Mail notifications about acceptance or refusal will be sent to the presenting author subsequent to the reviewing process.
  • The scientific committee may suggest a different mode of presentation than the authors had indicated during submission (poster instead of talk, or talk instead of poster). The author may accept or refuse this suggestion in which case he has to withdraw his submission.
  • In case of acceptance, the presenting author has to register for the conference. Posters and talks whose presenting author has not registered at the time of the conference will be rejected.